6 Greatest Gift Ideas for Mom – Mother’s Unique Gifts

For the great sacrifice, our moms always deserve the best things in life. Facing a busy life, she sometimes forgets her birthday or special days or even skips it on purpose for fear of cost and to save family expenses.  As a son or daughter, we expect to find the most meaningful gift to give it to the most beautiful woman of our life. However, most of us have to consider a lot of things. First of all, when choosing a gift to buy for mom, you should refer to the experience, some notes to know what the most appropriate choice is. Accordingly, we have to wonder about the appropriate cost to zone out the items that are suitable for your financial ability. Finally, you should also pay attention to choosing according to age to choose the best gift from the diverse models of the product.


See CouponsFunnels’ recommendation of the greatest gift ideas for mom below to avoid confusing too much on your mom’s days.


Handmade Gifts


These gifts are items that are handmade by yourself from available materials and supplies. Don’t miss this great idea to give your mother a gift. Handmade items are both simple, cheap, and very meaningful because they are made with the love, heart and meticulousness, and ingenuity of the maker. This is the unique mother’s day gift in the world that only your mom has. Moreover, they are very diverse, the ingredients are easy to find, easy to buy at an affordable price, the recipe is available online, you just need to spend a little more time and effort.


It could be a birthday cake that you make by hand, decorating each petal; it also can be a bouquet of paper flowers for mom to display in the bedroom or living room; or the scented candles you add to each scent, decoration; … a lot of great ideas, both simple and practical for you to follow.



mom wristwatches


In addition to bags, wristwatches are also a fashion accessory that can be given as a gift. Giving watches hides a lot of valuable messages. Watches are seen as a representation of time, a time-measuring tool that is used frequently in daily life. As a companion of mother, it will be with her everywhere, helping her manage the time.


Watches are sold at a variety of prices, fit the budget of many people. You can depend on your mother’s preferences and age to choose an appropriate watch. Women’s watches, besides the traditional round face, also have square, rectangular, hexagonal… The numbers are clear, the leather strap is neutral, light, not too bright or the gold metal band is luxurious. With this formula, you will find a simple watch that will suit any style. In addition, if you are well aware of your mother’s taste, do not hesitate to choose women’s watches with more unique and fancy designs.


In addition, along with the development of technology, smartwatches have also gradually become a new gift-giving trend for mothers in general and the elderly in particular. Do not think that this watch is only suitable for young people, in fact, besides the main timekeeping function, they also bring a lot of convenience to the elderly when using it.


First, they can track some basic health metrics like heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep and then summarize and report to the linked phone at the end of the week on general health. Secondly, this type of watch can be conveniently called and called with a compact design, fixed on the hand, so you don’t have to worry about the elderly dropping it or forgetting it somewhere, unable to contact. Third, smartwatches are often equipped with a positioning mode, which helps families with confused elderly people with poor memory better track their location, limiting getting lost. This idea is great for birthday gifts for mom or anyone.



Accompanying with watches, it is impossible not to mention accessories and jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings. Since both mothers are middle-aged or older, silver, gold, or pearl jewelry and accessories with a simple design are most suitable. If you have more conditions, you can choose styles that combine pearls with other gems, diamonds, or gold rings, silver inlaid with pearls, … These are all designs suitable for mothers, exuding looks luxurious and noble, can be used on important occasions, holidays, going out, …


A note when buying jewelry for mom is to carefully research and shop at reputable stores and brands. Not only that, you need to find out the right destiny according to your mother’s age as well as ask a counselor with in-depth expertise to help you choose.


Clothes & Accessories


Among meaningful mother gifts, the first thing that most people think of is probably clothes. Because this type of product is easy to choose and the price is suitable for all people.


But when choosing to buy clothes for your mother you ought to note that you have to know clearly the body shape, relative height, weight or the size of your mother. Moreover, you should also pay attention to the style, design, color with each skin color, different age, and so on.


Also, you can consider a pair of shoes. Like us, mothers also need to have many accessories to coordinate with clothes every time they go out, go to work, and make them fashionable.


When choosing shoes as a birthday gift for your mother, be careful not to choose heels that are too high. The heel sole should also be a large, solid type, still respecting the figure without making it difficult for the mother to move. A pair of shoes that fit the foot, soft material can help our mother walk more comfortably, easily, and without pain when wearing shoes for too long, working all day long. Besides high heels, you can choose soft leather flats, comfortable active sports shoes for your mother to change on other suitable occasions.



Home Health Check-up Devices

Home health monitoring devices such as blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, and health scales are also very useful. It helps your mother and your whole family regularly monitor the health of your loved ones at home, especially those with high blood pressure and diabetes. These machines can be used daily as a device to check for changes in health or used during treatment and monitoring of patients at home.


Using home health index checkers will help users and their loved ones know their blood pressure, heartbeat, blood sugar, weight… at any time, thereby early and timely detection of special situations, abnormal indicators to have a plan for timely examination and treatment.


For those who are receiving outpatient treatment at home, these medical devices will replace doctors to track health outcomes. Thus, they have more expertise to understand the patient’s progress as well as make recommendations on lifestyle habits such as eating or resting…