The outbreak of COVID-19 during the years causes people throughout the world significant changes. All industries are strongly affected especially economics. The rapid spread of the pandemic requires people to stay at home as much as possible. It obstructs workers to go out for work and makes most students worldwide impossible to go to school. The demand for distance studying, therefore, starts exceeding. The best apps for remote learning during COVID-19 are listed in this post as a great reference for teachers and students who cope with difficulties in educating.


Benefits of Online Learning Apps

The first benefit of a distance learning app is time-saving and free learning space and to help people save money on commuting costs. Besides, building an educational website does not require spending as much as building a school, even without having to do many complicated papers. Moreover, online learning also possesses many other advantages including:


No certain time and location required: Teachers can convey the knowledge and information to students quickly without going out. In addition, learners can join the course anywhere, as long as they have a smart device such as a phone, laptop, etc., connected to the internet.


Saving money on learning costs: With the remote learning method, students’ learning costs will be reduced significantly. For courses out of school, anyone can enroll in the course and pay for the cost of learning.


Time-saving: Compared with the traditional form of learning, distance learning with apps helps students save the whole commuting cost while they don’t have to spend time coming to school. Using apps and software for studying is also a way to save money during COVID-19.


Flexibility: People can flexibly choose a learning app meeting their needs or find a course if they are in need. Besides, students can also arrange the time to be suitable for their schedule. Along with that, online library materials will help improve knowledge effectively.


Well-optimized content: Organizations or individuals can set up teaching websites or applications with many different levels to make it easier for students to choose. Simultaneously, the transmitted content also needs to be consistent and well-optimized.


Systematization: Online learning allows students to easily join many courses at once, and check their learning status as well as progress. With student management apps, teachers and administrators can know who is participating in the course, when they finish the course, and offer solutions to help those people develop better.


For lecturers: You can put audio, images, and even videos into the lecture to make it more attractive and lively. Besides, the form of paying tuition fees has also become simpler with the online tuition payment feature designed on the web, and many other convenient ways.


Best Distance Learning Apps

Below is the list of the best apps for remote learning and teaching widely used in the world. You can bookmark the post to consult another choice of app if you meet a problem with the current one.


Zoom Cloud Meeting

Zoom Cloud Meeting is an app for meeting, video conferencing, group discussion and known as a great online learning solution. Running on a simple platform makes the software even easier to use. Zoom Cloud Meeting is used in online learning classes because of its handy features supporting quality video, audio, image, and screen sharing on both Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems.



  • Take up to 50 people for a class
  • Allow people to use the platform for free
  • Be used on both computer and phone
  • Offer multi-platform support, a simple interface, and be convenient to use.
  • Provide stable quality, and uninterrupted transmission
  • Allow users to share high-quality photos and videos via messaging
  • Work well through wifi, 3G, 4G
  • Make friends or invite friends via email



Released in early 2003 by members from many countries, Skype has enjoyed strong growth. It allows users to make video calls, chat or make phone calls over IP. Thanks to constantly improving the quality, Skype has become one of the preeminent and mostly-used remote learning apps today. Besides, Skype is also being integrated with other Microsoft services. The basic function of it is free call, chat, screen sharing…. In addition, people can also use Skype on phones by downloading the Skype app from the App Store and Google Play.


Microsoft Teams

Another name that is also very well-known and used by many people is Microsoft Teams. It is a system that provides meetings, chats, notes, and attachments. This service is also integrated with the company’s office 365 rental, including Skype and Microsoft Office suites, and many extended features that can be integrated with non-Microsoft products.



  • Be designed in one place to make it easier to use.
  • Don’t require cost for Office 365
  • Come with  more chat tools
  • Save old documents on the SharePoint site.

Because of all the advantages mentioned above, everyone can rest assured that all information is not afraid of being lost.



Vsee is also one of the names that cannot be ignored in this list. It uses a peer-to-peer connection model to replace the server center, unlike other online meeting apps or software. People can download and install Vsee directly on the computer, and can freely exchange images directly with each other.



  • Don’t limit the number of people in a class with the model of peer-to-peer.
  • Be compatible with most operating systems and popular devices.
  • Expand the number of points easily with a maximum of up to 250.
  • Allow updating new features easily with just one click.


Google Classroom 

Google Classroom helps organize a class through 3 important functions including assignment, communication and storage. According to an objective assessment, Google Classroom possesses many outstanding advantages.



  • Be easy to use, accessible on any device
  • Be distributed through the free Google apps for education tool
  • Come with a clean, simple and user-friendly interface
  • Work on good commenting system


Google Hangout

Google Hangout is a bundled feature of Google Plus, which is a sub-product of Google. To use Google Hangout, people need to have a Gmail account and use the Chrome browser.



  • Support both Android and iOS.
  • Allow people to use it for free.
  • Work with stable transmission
  • Accept up to 10 people.


Coupon 3A aggregate the above distance learning apps based on popularity, convenience, and cost. Each one comes with particular features. So, select the best one meeting your learning requirement during the time of coronavirus.