Travelling is the biggest interest of many and has been the tendency for some recent years. This is the best way to get memorable and meaningful moments with friends and family. However, most of us suppose that it is something costly and only people with high income can enjoy it with comfort. That’s absolutely wrong. As a low-income person or even a student, you can have great trips if you know how to save money effectively while traveling.

By learning these ways, you will know how to draw up a trip plan with a limited budget.


Hunt Coupon and Discount

In fact, many people got big saves by this way. Websites and traveling service companies tend to release coupons and discounts from a half to a month before the trip. Therefore, the recommended tip for you is to visit this site at the right time to score the biggest discount for tickets.


You also get flash deals by following their social media channels. It is a great way to track their information as well as grab deals timely. Note for yourself some tips to get the biggest discount possible to apply in practice, the savings that these coupons can offer you is incredible.


Set a Budget for Accommodation

Another way for you to cut the cost of your trip is to consider the spending on accommodation. Instead of choosing a luxury resort for taking a rest, you can pick cheap-price hotels. Don’t forget to check the reviews and feedback about those hotels before booking. This is to avoid unexpected problems interrupting your trip.


Additionally, if there are any relatives living in the place you travel to, don’t hesitate to ask them for some days in their home.  Along with that, the choice of living over the house of native people is also not bad.


Moreover, in recent years, people with wanderlust have a very creative way of helping together called CouchSurfing. Thereby, you and someone living in your intended destination will make friends and exchange the house to stay temporarily. However, this way requires thorough consideration and careful investigation on the other.


Don’t Travel on a Big Holiday

Annual holidays see a countless number of travel tickets sold throughout the world. Because of the higher demand, the price for tickets, accommodation, food & beverage, and many other relevant services increase sharply nonsensically. From the evaluation of experienced travelers, you are surely not served as well as on normal days because restaurants and service providers have to concentrate on many others.


So, in order to save effectively on travel costs and avoid nonsense spending, you should choose to go on normal days. Then, you can enjoy cheaper prices, more options of services and get served in a better way. Furthermore, the atmosphere on these days is also much more peaceful, making you the perfect relaxing days.


Go on Foot As Much As Possible

Walking during your travels does not only help you improve your health but also requires no cost. Once you don’t have to spend on a taxi, bus or any other means, you can considerably save money on traveling. Besides, you even can enjoy the landscape, new food and join interesting activities with natives on the road when visiting on foot.  More importantly, you and your friends can take memorial photos together whenever you come to a place with great scenery. Surely, you cannot do that when being on a bus or taxi.


In case you are not strong enough to continue walking, you can ask people to rent a bike. The bike rental cost must be much cheaper than other means. It is also convenient for you to do the above-listed things.


Don’t Buy Anything at Shopping Mall

When you come to a new location, you will want to visit the local malls or shopping centers. You can do this to discover something new, but it’s preferable not to buy anything. Shopping mall prices are typically higher than those found in local stores. If you want to acquire souvenirs, you should ask locals for recommendations of reliable stores. You will find many more meaningful items there at a lower price. Don’t miss this advice if you expect an economical trip.


In case you must buy something that is only available at the mall, it is highly suggested to ask for discounts and coupons anytime possible to make sure you don’t miss any chance to save. If you are a student, don’t forget to take a student card with you. This is one of the great ways for students to save money.


Save on Internet Cost

Supposing that you book a room for a long-lasting day of staying, you should ask for free wifi. When you are offered that service, you can make calls for free, and save on the Internet cost. In addition, you can enjoy a lot of things for entertainment with free Wifi.


On the road, you can choose cafes and fast food stores to take a rest and use the internet there for free.